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Discover How Soy Can Benefit Your Health, Which Soy Foods Are Best, and How Easy It is To Make Soy Foods Taste Really Great!


"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, and Thy Medicine Be Thy Food"
Hippocrates, Father of Medicine
460-377 B.C.

"Nothing Will Benefit Human Health And Increase Chances For Survival Of Life On Earth As Much As The Evolution To A Vegetarian Diet"

Albert Einstein, Physicist

This website will provide you with information about soy foods and the book "Virtues of Soy: A Practical Health Guide and Cookbook" by Monique N. Gilbert.

Here you will find out about
soy's health advantages, the best types of soy foods, their culinary versatility, and how to enjoy a new way of eating and living. So come on in and have a look around. (Click on any of these links to go directly to each section, or continue down this page to find out what the author has to say . . . )


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Monique N. Gilbert, B.Sc.
Natural Health Advocate,
Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Counselor,
Vegetarian and Vegan Recipe Developer,
Soy Food Connoisseur,
Author, Artist and Freelance Writer

"Don't put off your health any longer! Remember that you are in control of what and how you eat. Your body needs balanced, high-quality, nutrient-dense foods to function properly, fight off illness and achieve peek performance. Your taste buds need healthy foods to be delicious in order to become a permanent part of your daily diet.

Start taking an active role in im
proving your health and well being by including soy foods in your everyday cooking and learn how to make them taste absolutely wonderful. Eat well, live long and be grateful for what you have in this life!"


If you're serious about enhancing your health and
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Virtues of Soy:
A Practical Health Guide and Cookbook

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If you are concerned about soy,
please visit these two excellent sites that go into great detail about soy safety
and who's behind the anti-soy campaign.

1. By John Robbins (The Food Revolution and EarthSave)

2. By Virginia Messina, MPH, RD & Mark Messina, PhD (Vegan Outreach)


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